Now that you've adopted an IG...

You'll want to take the very best care possible of your new best friend. We hope the list below will help you to find some of the things you will need!

Please note that no vendors or references have intentionally been excluded; we are simply highlighting ones we have used and been happy with. The page is a work in progress; if you have any suggestions for additions, please don't hesitate to let Angela know!

Sighthound Collars

A sighthound collar, also known as a martingale, is an important safety measure for your IG. Because of the IG's head shape, he or she can slip out of a standard collar easily. The vendors below will make a beautiful collar to fit your IG's measurements. Prices can range between $11 and $29 depending on the vendor and collar you choose.

Sighthound Specialties
Karen's Kollars

Coats and Clothes

Just as you like to bundle up for cold weather, so does your IG. Since our IGs don't have a lot of fur or body fat to keep them warm, it is important to have a sweater and/or winter coat for them. These wonderful vendors will custom-make clothing to fit your IG's measurements and the unique sighthound shape.

Toastie Coats and Paws
Hound Togs
J'taime Dog Pajamas
Sighthound Specialties


Doggie Essentials - We use these high-quality, layered bellybands which contain quilt batting -- not polyester fiberfill that balls up after washing -- along with 4 mil. sheet plastic and absorbent belly side fabrics of fleece, flannel or terry. The top side is available in decorative cotton/polyester, denim, twill, seersucker, etc. Highly effective in deterring marking!

Pictured at right, Max the Great Dane is comfortable in his Doggie Essentials bellyband. For more information, visit the website or e-mail Linda!

bellyband.jpg (76765 bytes)

Food and Treats

Your IG will thrive on a high-quality food that uses human-grade ingredients. We use Innova, but if this is too expensive and/or difficult for you to find, Nutro and Natural Blend by Sensible Choice are also very high-quality foods. Innova also has a less expensive sister brand called California Natural. Innova, California Natural and Sensible Choice foods are available in Pittsburgh at Leone Animal Supply locations, and Nutro is readily available at pet supply shops like PetSmart and Petco.

Innova store locator
Nutro store locator
Sensible Choice store locator
Natural dog food, treats & supplements
Italian meat treats for dogs

Dental Care

Don't forget to take care of your IG's teeth! IGs are prone to gingivitis and their teeth need special attention. Brush regularly with CET toothpaste; you may want to use the Dental Clens pads in between brushings or as an alternative if your IG doesn't care for having his or her teeth brushed. Give high-quality dental chews like CET chews as special treats each week; your IG will love them and they will go a long way in helping your IG go longer between dental cleanings. We also give a few kibbles of the Hills Oral Care food each day as treats.
[Want some incredibly detailed instructions, including pictures, on how to brush your IG's teeth? Check out ]

CET toothpaste
Dental Clens pads
CET chews
Hills Science Diet Oral Care

Travel Safety

-- IGs love to go everywhere with their person, and this usually includes car rides! Many owners believe in crating their dogs in a hard-sided carrier, such as a Vari-Kennel, while traveling in the car.
-- Vito and Bo really love to look out the windows, so we use a Canine Seat Belt system instead. Did you know that during a 30 MPH collision, your dog can exert a force of up to 20 times his body weight? The canine seat belt distributes pressure evenly on the strong areas of the dog's chest. It also makes sure that your opportunistic IG doesn't bolt out of an opened door or window -- please, don't open your IG's window too far! -- or try to sit on your lap while you are trying to drive.
-- If you and your IG are traveling by air, always use a soft-sided carrier, such as a Sherpa or Samsonite, in the cabin under your seat. Never fly your pet in cargo, where temperatures and limited oxygen can be extremely dangerous!

Canine Auto Restraint We use the Champion Canine Seat Belt system from
Sherpa Carrier
Samsonite Carrier

Obedience and Agility Training

After trying several training facililties, we are very happy and proud to train at this one -- we like it so much, in fact, that Angela now serves as the club's Publicity Director!

Keystone Canine Training Club


We can't claim to know every exceptional veterinarian in the Pittsburgh area, but these are ours and we feel very lucky to have found them. They have -- sometimes literally -- been life savers.
Primary Veterinarian Dr. Carey McGowan, VCA Castle Shannon Animal Hospital, Pittsburgh PA. 412-885-2500.
Alternate Veterinarian Dr. John Ruffing, Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital, Pittsburgh PA. 412-655-8710.
Alternate Veterinarian Dr. Ann Herschl, Butler Veterinary Associates, Butler PA. 724-283-2345.
Dental Specialist Dr. Scott Johns, Regional Veterinary Dental Center, Fairview PA. 814-474-5806.
Opthalmologist Dr. Lawrence Bagley, Animal Eye Clinic of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA. 412-492-9920. (Thank you also to Dr. Robert Lynch for many years of wonderful care!)
Behavior Specialist Dr. David Ruble, Vet to Pet, Allison Park PA. 412-496-7779.
Advanced Veterinary Care Veterinary Referral Clinic, Cleveland OH.


Of course you'll want to know everything and everything about your new best friend. Here are the very best books and magazines we know of. Ask Angela if you'd like to know more about any of these publications before you order!

The Italian Greyhound Nuts and Bolts Book Billed as "the Italian Greyhound book for everyone," this book is essential for the IG pet owner.
The Italian Greyhound, 21st Century This book has long been known as the Italian Greyhound "bible," and its author, Lilian Barber, is one of the best experts on our breed!
IG Times magazine This magazine publishes four issues per year for $24. It includes articles of interest for all IG lovers, whether your IG is strictly a pet or is involved in other activities. And our favorite feature -- an IG Rescue adoption story is featured each month!
Italian Greyhound magazine This magazine publishes seven issues per year for $28. It is full of photos of champion IGs; there are also many informative articles in each issue, columns for IG pet owners and candid IG photos submitted by subscribers.
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook We think that book is the very best of its kind and essential for every dog owner. It allows you to quickly look up your dog's symptoms and make an informed decision of whether a problem is easily treatable at home or if a trip to the vet is in order. It has saved us immeasurable worry, time and money! Click here to order it from

Discussion Groups
Italian Greyhound owners are as special a breed as the IG itself, and some of the kindest, most knowledgable ones belong to these discussion groups. They are an invaluable source of information, support and friendship.
IG-L Discussion Group (Note: You may prefer to subscribe to the digest version, as the "regular" version can generate many e-mails each day!)
IG Post Message Board

Italian Greyhound Items for Sale

Our breed is becoming more popular all the time, but it's still difficult to find specific IG-themed items. Usually, we have to settle for Greyhound items that resemble IGs, but here are some IG-specific items you and/or your dog are sure to love!

IG Rescue and Health Fund All proceeds go directly to IG Rescue or the Italian Greyhound Health Fund.
IG Greeting Cards Great cards for any occasion, designed by a local IG Rescue adopter and volunteer!

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