How to Adopt a Rescue

Thank you for your interest in Italian Greyhound Rescue! Please follow these steps if you're interested in adopting an IG:

1. Please read this document, "Is an IG right for you?" to learn more about the breed. Read through the document carefully, even if you are already familiar with IGs. There are some great resources here that you might want to check out!

2. If you have decided that an IG is the breed for you, please download and complete the IGCA Rescue Adoption Application.

3. If you haven't already been in touch with your local IG Rescue Rep, you can find them here, along with the appropriate place to email your application. Or you can mail your completed application to the address indicated at the bottom; this is a central contact who will distribute your application to the appropriate Rescue representative.

4. Once we receive your application, we will follow up with you to set up a home visit. If all goes well, we will then start searching for the perfect IG for you! Please be patient with your local Rescue rep if you don't hear back right away; we will review your application and be in touch with you as soon as we can! We are all volunteers, and many of us also work full-time in addition to our dedication to the IGs.

Note:Your local rep is the person who must ultimately approve your home for adoption; if you contact another rep, they will refer you to the one in your area. This helps us to better match our potential adopters with the right dog.

5. Because IG Rescue is a national organization, we can work with other Rescue reps in nearby areas to match the right dog with the right home. If you are interested in a specific IG, you can certainly be considered for that dog if your home and situation prove to be a match for him/her, but you must first go through the process of submitting an application and having a home visit completed by your local Rescue representative.

6. Please remember, just because you don't see the right IG for you on the web doesn't mean that he or she isn't in Rescue, just waiting for a home like yours. There are always many IGs in Rescue, and most are placed in approved homes before they are ever posted online. We Rescue representatives don't even know about many of them until we contact our fellow reps to tell them about an approved home that we have waiting, and what type of IG we are looking for.

Interested in rescuing another breed? Visit the AKC or Petfinder websites to find out about other breed rescue organizations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an adoption fee?
A nonrefundable donation is requested at the time of adoption, and is based on the age of the dog and the state in which the dog is adopted.

Do you have any (female, puppy, etc.) IGs available right now?
In short, probably! Even if we don't have that type of IG in foster care locally right now, the dog you are looking for is likely located somewhere nearby in our Rescue program. However, we may not know about this dog until your home is approved for adoption and we network with our fellow reps, looking for the right dog for your home. Once you are approved to adopt through your local Rescue rep, we can work to match you with just the right dog for your home and situation.

Can you notify me when you have a certain age, gender, etc. of IG available?
In short, no. Your best bet of finding the IG you are looking for is to follow our adoption process. Then, you can be matched with the right dog for you. The next IG of that age, gender, etc. that comes into our Rescue program locally or nearby will be matched with a home that has already been approved for adoption; if you follow the process, that home could be yours!

How long does it take to adopt?
It depends on a variety of factors. The more flexible you are regarding what kind of dog you're looking for -- gender, age, special needs, and so on -- the more likely we are to find the right dog for you quickly. We have females less frequently than males (and IG males can often be the most affectionate, adoring companions of all!), and we have puppies less frequently than dogs aged 2-6. We have placed some dogs in their forever homes within the week the home is approved for adoption; other homes have waited up to a couple of months to find just the right fit for their home and family.

The most important thing to remember is, our Rescue dogs have been through at least one home already, and we want to give them (and you!) the best chance of making your home the one that lasts forever. That's why our adoption process works so well, and has such a great success rate. We are carefully evaluating the needs of both your home and the dog, to make sure we make the best possible match!

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