Mercedes & Angel

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Hello there! My name is Mercedes, and I am the beautiful white girl on the left above. I was never fostered by Niki, but she helped me find my new home, so she wanted to share my happy story here!

With my elegant beauty, you won't be surprised to learn that I am a former show dog, bred by Jutta Kulic (Ferazi Italian Greyhounds). My first family decided that they couldn't keep me anymore, so I went back to Jutta, and got to visit with all of my old friends for a little while! Then one day, Jutta took me to a dog show in New York to introduce me to my new mom and dad... they took me home with them from there, to an exotic country called Canada!

My new sister's name is Abby and she is a Greyhound. I was a little afraid of her at first, but now we are great pals! My new mom and dad spoil me silly... they can't believe how tiny I am! They are used to Greyhounds like Abby, and I look like a tiny replica to them!

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Jutta and Niki for helping me find my new mom and dad. I am so happy in my new home!

Update: Mercedes has a new IG sister! I'm Angel, looking every bit an angel indeed in my photo at right above. I was rescued from a barn and was originally placed in a home that didn't work out. But they say that everything happens for a reason -- I was destined to meet my wonderful new family and become one of the happiest and luckiest Iggies around!

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