February 2015

I'm a very special, 10-year-old Iggy girl, and it's been about a year since mom drove to Youngstown, Ohio, to bring me home to Pittsburgh. Mom says I made myself at home immediately, and it seems as if she's had me forever.

We live with two cats -- Pete, who couldn't care less (that's us on the couch, below right), and Annie, who absolutely loves me (we're looking out the window together, below left). I've become quite the little tattletale, though, and run after them and bark if they do something they shouldn't. You're welcome, mom!

I always have to be under a blanket and sleep with mom and the cats -- under the covers, of course. Mom says I am an absolute joy, and she is so glad we found each other. Me, too! I love people, especially kids, and enjoy going for walks with mom because we live in a condo without a fenced yard.

Mom says she hopes we will be together for many years to come, and she loves me so much that she wouldn't hesitate to adopt another senior IG one day! Thank you to Kacey for helping me find my wonderful forever home!

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