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Although it didn't feel like it at first, I sure was lucky when I got dropped off at the Humane Society of Northwestern PA in late July 2002. I was four years old, and the shelter was reluctant to place me due to general adopter inexperience. You see, I was turned in by my former owner for dog aggression, and I had been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and had to take phenobarbitol. So the animal care coordinator, Nicole, called Angela and asked if I could be turned over to IG Rescue. The shelter took wonderful care of me while I waited to go to Rescue. They helped to calm me down so that my sweet personality could shine through, and updated me on my vaccinations.

There were so many people who were instrumental in helping me! Nicole, of course... and then there was Kim, the IG Rescue rep in Indiana who found foster care for me... Shana, a staff member from the shelter who brought me from Erie to Pittsburgh... Leslie, who fostered me overnight in Pittsburgh... Angela and Elaine, who transported me part of the way to my foster home in Fort Wayne, Indiana... Denise and Brian, who fostered me for the week that I was in IG Rescue... enzo3.jpg (32268 bytes)
That's right, I was in IG Rescue for only one week when I was adopted!! Kim had been in contact with my new mom and dad for a long time... they had been researching IGs for 1 1/2 years and attended Kim's playdates to get exposure to our wonderful breed. They had been foster parents for years with greyhounds and so were experienced with all kinds of behaviors, although they won't need to worry much about me, since my foster family says that I was an angel, no trouble at all, and they will vouch for my "dog aggression" being a misnomer!! In fact, I have TWO new canine siblings in my new family... a greyhound named Crissy and a cocker spaniel/poodle mix... and we are all getting along just great! My foster family thinks that I have a few aggression problems with treats, toys and food, but not other dogs... and in time, with my loving new family, I know that I will put all of that behind me! In fact, not to brag, but Kim says that my new parents think that I am an absolute joy who can do no wrong! My new mom says that I am a delightful little guy and already spoiled... Sunday night is ice cream night at my new house and I get a little scoop of vanilla!

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Kim says that I was meant to be with my new family. I had grown attached to my foster dad very quickly, but when I met my new family, we bonded instantly, like we had always been together. My new dad especially wanted a lap dog, and since I am a cuddlebug who is wonderful with ladies but especially wonderful with men, I am just the lapdog for them! As soon as I met my new mom and dad, I never looked back... I knew right away that I had found my forever family. What a happy new beginning for all of us!!

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