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Hi! My name is Eddie. When you look at my sweet and gentle face, you would never think that once upon a time, I was found wandering around a neighborhood, so nervous that I wouldn't allow myself to be caught for a whole week! But it's all true!

A kind lady from someplace called Whippet Rescue finally caught me, and took care of me for more than a month while she tried everything she could think of to find my people... but nobody ever claimed me! She couldn't believe that nobody was looking for a sweet boy like me.

I stayed in a couple of foster homes, until one day, Niki came to get me. She saw firsthand how I had wound up lost in the first place... whenever she would open a window or a door in the car, even a little, I would frantically try to escape. I'm just curious, that's all... I want to see everything there is to see! Niki brought me to her place for a day, then two of her friends offered to help drive me to my new home in Philadelphia. I was perfectly quiet and calm the whole way, once one of my new friends held me on her lap... I am a little loverboy who just loves to be held!

A few hours later, we arrived at the place where I would meet my new family. I got out of the car to go potty like a good boy... and suddenly I noticed the most beautiful blue Iggy trotting toward me, followed by two kind looking people... they showered me with affection right away, and I knew right away that they would be my new mom and dad. I exchanged sniffs and greetings with the other Iggy, who introduced herself as my new sister, Jewel... and then I trotted off with her and my new parents to head to my new home, like I had been a member of the family all the while!

Here I am in a cozy new bed, with my brand new playmate, Jewel... I have completely forgotten about my past life, and am so happy to have found my wonderful new family and home! Thanks so much to everybody who helped get me here!

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