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Hi there! My name is Dusty. I was never fostered by Niki, but she approved the application and completed the home check for my new mom and dad!

I came from another state, where I was fostered by a very nice Rescue rep by the name of Annette. She took me to a dog show one day, and another Rescue rep named Jutta took me with her to a state called Pennsylvania. She said my new mom and dad were waiting for me there... I was so excited!

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When my new mom and dad took me home, I was greeted by a beautiful, big, giant dog! My mom and dad introduced him as Smokey Fire (left) and said that he was something called a Greyhound, and my new brother! He is so good to me... I love him very, very much!

My family spoils me, and I love every minute of it! Niki says that I am very lucky to have found my way into such loving arms, and I couldn't agree more! Thanks, IG Rescue!

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