Rescues Currently Needing Homes

An important note to prospective out-of-area adopters

There are currently more dogs in IG Rescue than ever before, and most of them are never posted on any website. Because IG Rescue is a national organization, you must begin your adoption process by submitting an application for adoption to your local Rescue rep. Chances are that your local rep has an IG waiting for adoption, right there in your own backyard, who is very similar to the one you are looking at in our area.

All IG Rescue representatives work together, and we can consider your out-of-area application for a specific dog only if your local rep contacts us and 1) you have completed your application process through your local rep, 2) that rep does not have a local dog that is the right fit for you, 3) we do not have a local prospective adopter who is the right fit for the dog, and 4) you are within a reasonable driving distance of the area where the dog is being fostered and are able to drive most or all of the way to pick him/her up.

You may be asking, if there are so many dogs available in IG Rescue, why are most of them not posted on any website? Well, our Rescue program has a great rate of lasting, permanent placements because our reps work hard to match the right home and the right dog. We can do the best job of this only when your local rep first gets to know you, understands what kind of IG would best suit your home and family, then tells you about dogs currently available in your area that would be a match. It's much more difficult when a prospective adopter falls in love with a dog on a website and gets attached to him/her, without even considering other wonderful dogs that may be available right in their area!

With the above in mind, the IG(s) below are currently available for adoption in our area...

There are no dogs posted right now!

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