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Hi, my name is Cody! I came into Rescue as a private turn in from a small-time breeder. I was a 3 1/2 year old, incredibly affectionate and well-adjusted boy... and my foster mom, Stephanie Clark in North Carolina, said that I was very quick to adapt to my foster home! She described me as "quite a little character" who loves to be near my people, but not in an anxious, velcro kind of way. I love kids, adults, other dogs, everybody! I especially loved my foster mom's two human boys and would sleep with them, or with my foster mom, whoever was ready to snuggle me first! My foster mom said that I came quickly when she called my name, was pretty reliable with housebreaking and not marking at all, and was an "overall nice guy."

My foster mom told Angela a great story about me a couple of days before I was adopted. One afternoon, she was mowing the dog yard on the riding mower, going very slow. I ran right alongside the mower the entire time, trying my best to jump to my foster mom, but I was only managing to jump up in the air. Finally, she stopped the mower and I jumped right into her lap and rode around the yard with her while she mowed. I was completely content, just so happy to be near someone! "He is the most dear, loving little guy," she said, and soon my new family would agree!

While I was being fostered in North Carolina, a wonderful family with two daughters in Pittsburgh was looking for the perfect IG for them. Although they thought they were looking for a girl IG at first, they thought that I sounded like the perfect addition to their home, and Stephanie and Angela agreed! They both thought that I was a great guy with no hang ups, and that I would make a wonderful dog for the kids and a perfect "first dog" for any family. After discussing it, my new family agreed and decided to drive all the way to North Carolina to meet me and bring me home!

After my long car ride home and my first night with my new family, my family reported that I had behaved beautifully, and that we were going to spend my first full day in my new home relaxing and getting to know one another better. I have such a wonderful new future ahead of me... my new family adores me, and I couldn't be a happier or luckier dog!

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