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Hi! My name is Claire. I'm the beautiful white girl in the photo above, and I think I'm one of the luckiest IGs in the whole wide world!

When I was three years old, my owner turned me in to IG Rescue. I was so stressed in my former home that I would escape from my crate when my owner was at work and shred the carpeting in front of the door. I was bred twice before the age of three, and was pregnant when I arrived in IG Rescue. Jutta, the Ohio rep who fostered me, traced my pedigree back to a Florida puppy mill. She said that with the line I came from, it was no wonder that I had such bad teeth, with no enamel on them. But things really started to look up for me when I came into IG Rescue, and I officially became one of the luckiest IGs in the whole wide world when my new mom came to take me to my forever home!

Jutta said that I was a wonderful mother to my puppies, and my new mom says she's not at all surprised, because I am so maternal with my two canine siblings. I have an IG sister named Phoebe and a MinPin brother named Guy. My mom reports that I had almost no adjustment period in my new home; from the first night when we arrived home, I jumped into mom's bed and slept soundly. And to show the difference that a loving, secure home can make, I have had no separation anxiety at all in my forever home. My mom says that I have been a joy in her life since day one, and the feeling is most definitely mutual. My mom volunteers for Greyhound rescue and has now started volunteering for IG Rescue too, to help other needy IGs and their new owners to find one another.

Thank you to Jutta, IG Rescue and especially my forever mom for making it possible for me to have the life that I've always deserved!

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