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My forever family gave me the name Caesar... a very regal name for such a handsome IG, wouldn't you agree? I came to live with my new family in Pennsylvania in February 2003.

My new mom and dad were looking for a playmate for their 1 1/2 year old IG, Nestle. They contacted IG Rescue, and a wonderful volunteer named Toni came to visit them. She told Angela that any IG would be very lucky to go and live with them, and the search for the perfect IG for them led them to Lee Ann Jaffee in New York and... yours truly!

My new family was a little worried when I first came home, because Nestle and I were play/fighting an awful lot. But by the second day, things had calmed down considerably as Nestle and I got more used to one another, and we started to play and bond more than fight. We ran in the yard a little, even with some snow outside, and my new family said that I was adapting extremely well.

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caesar2d.JPG (38757 bytes) My family reports that Nestle and I still play/fight a lot, but they realize that we are playing and not fighting since we don't hurt one another at all. I have emerged as the alpha dog, but Nestle and I still have our little battles for position! Our family says that we are a blast to play with, though, and as spring arrives, we are getting out for more exercise.

My family says that I do have a few problems that they believe are deeply rooted. I try to chew on my people sometimes, and we are working on that.

Also, I still duck sometimes when my people approach me to pick me up. My family believes that someone was hitting me in my prior life, but I am so happy with my new family that I am slowly forgetting all about that. "We love Caesar very much," my family says. "He has such an outgoing personality, and is so lively, a real boy. We will keep working with him and he will keep getting better!" Thank you so much, mom, dad and Nestle, for making me one of the happiest and luckiest IGs around! caesar2b.jpg (45627 bytes)

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