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danny1.jpg (41978 bytes) Hi there, my name is Bo! My new family had had my IG brother, Danny, since he was a pup. They loved the breed and decided to adopt another IG... lucky for me, they found IG Rescue!
My new family traveled all the way to New York state, where I was being fostered, to meet me. Needless to say, they took one look at my handsome face and fell in love! bo2c.jpg (37242 bytes)
bo2a.jpg (37489 bytes) My mom says that Danny and I get along like two peas in a pod! We sleep under the covers at night, cuddling with our 11 and 9-year-old human sisters!
Mom says that she just adores me and Danny, and the feeling is mutual! Thank you to my family and IG Rescue for giving me a wonderful life! bo2b.jpg (36413 bytes)

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