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I'm Bo, nice to meet you! I came to Rescue when I was just a pup, and had bounced between a few homes before Niki helped me find the family I was meant to live with all along! I was being fostered in Buffalo, and my new mom and brother came to meet me in Cleveland in December 1998. They couldn't resist my handsome face, of course, so they took me home to Pittsburgh right away!

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My mom says I am the most affectionate boy, and so much fun! My tail and my whole body are constantly wagging, and I never stop giving kisses! I was SO glad to finally have a permanent home and a close bond with my person, that sometimes I would get nervous when my mom left and try to shred anything I could get my paws on! The doctor called it separation anxiety and taught mom how to help me relax. Just five months later, mom says I am coming along so great! And my brother Vito and I are inseparable! We have our very own webpage; click here to read more about us and see some more adorable pictures!

A big WOOF to Niki and IG Rescue for helping me and my family find each other!

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