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Hi there! I came to Rescue as Tracer, a 12-week-old puppy from Ohio. I was a Valentine's Day gift to my mom, but she had to work some long hours and leave me in our apartment. I would cry and cry in my crate all day long, and the neighbors started to complain... so my mommy contacted Rescue and made the tearful and unselfish decision to give me a chance to find a perfect new home.

Niki says that I was so adorable, and that she had such fun fostering me because I was a "puppy-breath, pot-bellied little imp!" I got the new name Bandit because I was stealing everything from everyone... I mean, I was ACCUSED of stealing everything from everyone! The evidence against me is all circumstantial, I swear!

Now I live with my new sister, Sascha, another IG Rescue! We get along great and our new family spoils us silly! I am a very happy, healthy and well-loved Iggy in a wonderful home!

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