Abbie & Kaycee

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Hi, I'm Abbie! I'm the beautiful black, petite IG, pictured above with my trusty pal Kaycee. Kaycee and I are together all the time; we stand together, sleep together and sit in our owners' laps together!

We came into IG Rescue in December 2003, along with our sister, Mariah. We stayed with our wonderful foster mom, Melissa, in Ohio. Then in February, my new parents and human sister, Chelsea, made the trip from Maryland to Ohio to meet us and bring us to our forever home! I was very nervous, but my new family helped to make the transition smooth.

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Since we were adopted in February 2004, we have visited South Carolina, where we were able to run on the beach and play in the water, and Niagara Falls, Canada, where we walked in the beautiful parks and saw the falls when they were illluminated. Our parents take us everywhere with them!

Our favorite thing to do is to go downtown in Annapolis, because we get tons of attention from the visitors. I love to go on the bike trail near our house; I walk with my mom there while Kaycee runs with Chelsea. I am mom's walking buddy; we walk at the same speed and I stay right beside her! And my dad is the best. He is always giving us neck scratches, and doesn't mind us curling up in his shirts when they're fresh out of the dryer!

I have to say I have really become comfortable in my home. I run and play like I never did before. I bark when I'm excited, especially when my family (including my human grandparents, aunts and cousins) comes to the door. There are always people around our house having a good time, and they always let us join in by giving us lots of attention!

And I'm Kaycee, the mischevious blue IG with Abbie! My sister and I do everything together. We especially love to snuggle together, and lay in the sun on warm days.

Abbie and I were very lucky to find our forever home in Maryland with our human parents and sister. I love to run and play, so by the time it was getting warm in Maryland, our parents had to build a fence for us in their big backyard!

One of my favorite things to do is walk on the bike trail. Oh, I didn't mean walk, I meant RUN with my sister, Chelsea. She and I run together while Abbie and mom walk. When we go to downtown Annapolis, everyone stops to see us and pet us. I love the attention!

Abbie and I love to ride in the car, so we're really happy to go on trips with our family. In addition to South Carolina and Niagara Falls, we went to Pittsburgh in September 2004 for a playdate and reunion for IG Rescue! We had a great time and got to see our foster mom and old buddies, Claire, Phoebe and Ellie. We even saw the other dog who was fostered with us at Melissa's, Twiggy, with her new family!

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I love to get neck scratches from my dad. He is a real sucker when it comes to us! All we have to do is give him "the big eyes" and he melts. Abbie and I love to get into bed with our parents; it's so nice and warm!

There are always people visiting our house, and we love it. Abbie gets so excited that she's started to bark, and even plays with toys when I get them out! My mom says we are the best dogs because we never touch her Boyd bears, and she has them everywhere, even in chairs on the floor. (I've always wanted to play with them, but I am a good girl and know better!)

Abbie and I are inseparable; we're so happy that our new family was willing to adopt us together. We are so happy that Melissa and Angela helped us to find our new forever home, and our mom, dad and sister thank them too, for letting us join their family and make it complete!

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